Now delivering farm fresh eggs to neighbors in the Frog Pond area

We have extra eggs. If any one living the Frog Pond NC area is intereste, I’d be happy to deliver them to you. How about $4.00 a dozen. Please have exact amount. Let’s have the no contact delivery we’ve heard so much about.

We’ve had extra eggs for quite some time but I’ve been giving them to the birds. They love ’em. The flock is sorta free ranging. By that I mean they have a chicken coop, a run, a yard, and a goat pasture to scratch around in. However, as soon as we finish the aviary, they’ll be restricted to the chicken yard. Don’t worry, it’s plenty big enough for them to range freely. They’re never caged and come and go in their coop, run, and yard at will.

Actually, they’re flying out of the chicken yard into my gardens and eating my native plants. That’s another reason we’re building the aviary. Well, that and the fact that we have aerial preditors living in the taller trees that surround our place.

Fortunately, we have four roosters who are working overtime to watch after the ladies. These are good roosters because they leave me alone. Perfect!

Over time I’ve found several eggcellent recipes that my family likes. I’ll start posting them, too.  It’s a challenge to change the dishes so much that the boys will eat them without complaining. But with this pandemic, readily available food is a must.

Actually, I’m enlarging my garden to include salads and fresh veges every day. Instead of ‘putting up’ so much food, I’m practicing succession planting this year. It should save me time and work. We’ll see.

Email me if you’re interested in farm fresh eggs.

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