Our Beloved Guineas

This photo of Bob feeding the guineas won first place in a local newspaper contest March 23, 2003. I think the winner was the guinea looking at the camera. We had a good time with those birds. They all gave us several wonderful memories

Guineas were among our first birds in 2001 and were so much fun — in soooooooo many ways.

Take, for instance, when I mowed they were usually in front of the mower snatching grasshoppers but ever once and a while they would work from behind the mower. Yes it took me twice as long to mow but I had fun and they ate the grasshoppers.

Frequently, when they strayed too far from home they would all shriek at once then take flight. Realizing that they were too far from home they would take flight then head for the roof. “Incoming,” meant to duck because the Guineas were headed to the roof.

Sadly, one by one they passed until we were down to one lonely guinea. We got some chickens to keep him/her company and things worked out for a while but then one day we heard a guinea call from afar. Soon our solo Guinea went to find that other Guinea. A few days later, both of them came for a visit for one night but they moved on the next day.

I’d like to think they’re living wild in the surrounding woods ;but, I haven’t heard the Guinea call in a long time. Bless those Guineas. They filled my heart with wonderful memories for which I will always be grateful.

Guineas are Entertaining
These photos are of the guineas’ first snow. They discussed this strange white stuff for several minutes before turning around and going back inside.

But their natural curiosity got the best of them. They spent most of the day on the roof. Did I mention that guineas on the roof drives the dogs crazy?!?!?!?!?! Guineas were  a curious lot and explore more snow.

Photo Contest Winner
This March 2003 photo won first prize in the Hobby Category of the Albemarle, NC Stanly News & Press (SNAP) Faces & Places competition. Bob feeding his guineas.