The Barnyard Bully

Meet Clark (white) the barnyard bully. He’s terrific with the ladies, watches them very carefully, calls them in when they stray too far from the yard, and is the first to spot danger. BUT he doesn’t like me. He never has. Go figure. I feed my birds every day, make sure they have clean water, a dry coop, and have kept from killing him.

I get it that he sees me as a threat when I’m inside the chicken yard but when I’m outside the yard gardening or walking from the back barn to the front door, if he sees me coming, he jumps over the fence and ‘escorts’ me to the front door. IMG_1623

At first I carried a broom with me inside the coop; but, when he brought blood I stopped playing nice. Now I carry a shovel or a metal rake and I swing hard! Little $h*t is an ambush attacker. He waits until I’m focused on something besides him then he attacks from behind. This morning I was walking through the chicken yard to the goat barn when WHAMMMM, he nailed me from behind, naturally. The rake and I swung around and nailed him once. He’s fast but I’m getting faster and my aim is getting better. If I don’t nail him the first swing, I don’t usually get another strike.

I don’t necessarily want to kill him but I do want him to quit attacking me. It hurts and, as I mentioned, he has brought blood more than once.

One morning I picked him up when I first opened the coop then carried him around for about an hour. I had heard that would teach him that I had total control over him and then he would leave me alone. That only worked once though. The next morning he was waiting for me and attacked as soon as I opened the coop.

I’m still researching my next strategy. When I find it I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime though, I have shovels and rakes placed throughout the farm ready at a moments notice in case I need to protect myself.


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