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Goldie is on the left setting on Ana’s eggs; Ana is on the right setting on marked eggs that will probably not hatch.

Today (October 15, 2018) the ladies surprised me when I noticed two different hens setting on a nest that yet a third hen had begun. Poor Ana has been replaced so many times that I set up a second nest with marked eggs so she could set on them. She sat on the second nest for several days before being un-nested again by yet a different hen. She finally gave up and has joined the rest of the flock.

Goldie with Ana’s chick and several more eggs to hatch.

But, not to worry, my oldest hen Goldie, a golden orpington, has taken control of the eggs. On day 21 I heard a faint peep; yep, the babies are coming. Just like the book said.

Today, November 13th I relocated mamma, baby, and the remaining eggs to a different nest; one on the ground where the baby can wiggle and mama can get to more easily. I hope this is the right decision.

Sometime the hens lay their eggs here. Sometime.

They have six nests in the coop but the ladies mostly use two. Go figure.

Please don’t judge the nests and coop too harshly. It’s a work in progress and has taken several forms since 2001. Husband wants to tear it down and build a new one; I, on the other hand, want to keep this one and fix it up. I’ll add photos as progress is made.

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